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June 21, 2012

This is going to be a Big Pipe

These works further my interest in the play  with archetypes and cliches, and the process of recognition that gives them their meaning.  ‘Pipe’ draws on the sculptural tradition of gigantism to explore in exaggerated form, the archetypical symbol of the pipe: as a cliche after Magritte but also as a device. Many of my works play with this aspect – they are to be physically engaged with.  This is a way of opening up spaces between established ways of thinking and doing.  The aim is to encourage physical and/or mental interaction: actice ctital engagement as opposed to passive reception.

Castles in the Sand

These sand castles are a site specific response to the unique coastal environment, as such they should be imagined in terms of sand… the idea springs not only from the obvious playful exploits of the children’s pass-time, one that returns to it’s origin without any damaging residue or consequences, but also as a reminder of our tendency to embark on overzealous projects that may (inadvertently) have side effects or unforseen outcomes..(the folley). as such the installation is a reminder of; the bounty of the sea, the fragility of the coastal environment and also a gentle caution of excessive development or exploitation of resources…