Eye Candies and the Art Ward » drawers-2web

The castle ruin in ‘The Drawing Room’ is a site specific response to a unique environment, as such it could be imagined in terms of entropic or transient ideas that slowly decay providing mineral support for a barren cultural substrate.

The urge to build these folly’s springs from not only the inherited tendency to embark on overzealous projects that may (inadvertently) have side affects or unforeseen outcomes…
but also as a pre-disastered concept the work has intuitive, almost rhizomatic growth. Both the offshoot or ‘sucker’ potential and self destructive elements are encoded from the start; on one level it is an allegorical caution of excessive development or exploitation of resources…on another it speaks of the past and the future which lie embodied within objects created from these resources.

The displayed aspect of the dresser draw usually lies hidden beneath our layers of disguise, the clothes we use to communicate our connectedness to one tribe or another. By displaying these bones stripped clean of flesh we see each drawer in a Kantian Noumenal way, as a ‘thing-in-itself’, and in this moment of seeing perhaps we may also glimpse the folly of our modern existence.

Oliver Stretton-Pow
Tweaked by Dr J R Hill Esq
August 2012

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