Artist in Residence at Central Institute of Technology, Northbridge, Perth

Things are taking shape here in Perth. Having spent the ten days prior to the residency accumulating materials and items for further modification, assemblage and fabrication i am now fully engaged with the process of delivery on this phase of the Apparatuses project.  Step one has been to dress these awesome windows that front onto Beaufort Street.

Some of the props i have accumulated, including retro jewellery cabinet at rear, soon to play a major role in the display of the ‘Eye Candy’ series…stay tuned Two other major items that i had hoped to find were a Mantle piece that would act as a focal point for a range of smaller props and a lawn mover that i intended to use in a series of performance works…Lo and behold!  Both major items have materialised and are already center stage in two of the bay window displays…”Provedence..” in the words of Robinson Crusoe.

Briggs and Stratton with key start…top of the line 3.5 Horsepower, really rings out, get some!

Note the Coyote pelt in front of the grille…unbelievable rare find in Western Australia…

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