The Drawing Room

Apparatuses, an overview.

This is part of an investigation into the historical stratafication of technology. I am also developing strategies and language games to categorise the works into a pseudo anthropocentric ‘order’. By archiving objects one imposes a synthetic order upon the respective parts of the whole prompting the viewer/participant to seek narrative connections.

Phase IV of the project I have called The Drawing Room.

This involves a curatorial sampling of artifacts that will be built up over the term of my residency at the Central Institute of technology in Perth.

A series of found objects are being modified and organised as an installation in the large bay windows that front onto Beaufort Street.

The first window frames a mantle piece and a few props to introduce the concept of a literal drawing room. During the evenings fire blazes in the hearth, repeatedly flaring up and billowing out onto the passers by in the street.

The second bay window is being dressed as a museological display with a glass vitrine containing precious antique stone relics…( actually this wunderkammer houses a series of intaglio carvings that are works in progress ).

The main gallery space of the residency is being dominated by a large folley installation built entirely out of found dresser drawers. The work is following a sweeping arc through the space and will continue to grow until the exhibition opens.

The smaller gallery oscillates between being a production workshop where I am carving the series of intaglio reliefs from stone floor tiles, and a reproduction of a lolly counter from which I will retail a selection of sculptural ‘eye candies’.  A third project is taking shape in this space in the form of an ‘art ward’ a place where ailing ideas might convalesce until they are strong enough to face the world.


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